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These prints are 10 inches by 12 inches (Truth/Emet is 11x13 and Picthu Li is 7x9).  They are in the tradition of a shiviti.  A shiviti is a visual aid using Hebrew letters for meditation and contemplation.  In these days of senseless violence against humanity, the earth, and truth, I hope these small windows provide a moment of calm and courage.  They are all available for $180, a portion of each sale to Tzedakah.

The World Exists Only From Kindness, 10x12 Screen Print.  This is Rashi script.  Rashi script or Sephardic script , is a typeface for the Hebrew alphabet based on 15th-century Sephardic semi-cursive handwriting.  Rashi quotes Tehillim 89:3 in his commentary on Pirke Avot, "Loving Kindness."


Ana Avda d'Kudasha Brikh Hu

10x12 Screen Print

Zohar. Inspired by Rabbi Arthur Green


Learn to Do Good, 10x12 Screen Print

Isaiah 1:17, Haftorah Devarim


Understand, 10x12 Screen Print

From the Siddur, Ahava Raba


Judah HaLevi, 10x12 Screen Print, pen and ink

From a piyyut, ana emtsaeka,12th Century


Elu v’Elu 2021, 10x12 Screen Print

These and These (are the words of the Creator of all life)

Talmud: Eruvin 13b

All The World is a Narrow Bridge 2021, 10x12 Screen Print

Nachman of Bratzlav

As the Garden So the Gardener, 10x12 Screen Print

Midrash Rabba

Pitchu Li, Open To Me the Gates of Justice, 7x9 Screen Print.  In memory of Rabbi Alan Lew z"l

Truth/Emet, 11x13 Screen Print

Inspired by the quilt artists of Gees Bend

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