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These prints are 10 inches by 12 inches (Truth/Emet is 11x13 and Picthu Li is 7x9).  They are in the tradition of a shiviti.  A shiviti is a visual aid using Hebrew letters for meditation and contemplation.  In these days of senseless violence against humanity, the earth, and truth, I hope these small windows provide a moment of calm and courage.  They are all available for $180, a portion of each sale to Tzedakah.

The World Exists Only From Kindness, 10x12 Screen Print.  This is Rashi script.  Rashi script or Sephardic script , is a typeface for the Hebrew alphabet based on 15th-century Sephardic semi-cursive handwriting.  Rashi quotes Tehillim 89:3 in his commentary on Pirke Avot, "Loving Kindness."


Ana Avda d'Kudasha Brikh Hu

10x12 Screen Print

Zohar. Inspired by Rabbi Arthur Green


Learn to Do Good, 10x12 Screen Print

Isaiah 1:17, Haftorah Devarim


Understand, 10x12 Screen Print

From the Siddur, Ahava Raba


Judah HaLevi, 10x12 Screen Print, pen and ink

From a piyyut, ana emtsaeka,12th Century


Elu v’Elu 2021, 10x12 Screen Print

These and These (are the words of the Creator of all life)

Talmud: Eruvin 13b

All The World is a Narrow Bridge 2021, 10x12 Screen Print

Nachman of Bratzlav

As the Garden So the Gardener, 10x12 Screen Print

Bereshit Rabba 80:1

Pitchu Li, Open To Me the Gates of Justice, 7x9 Screen Print.  In memory of Rabbi Alan Lew z"l

Truth/Emet, 11x13 Screen Print

Inspired by the quilt artists of Gees Bend

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