Don't Give Up

 2019 Screen Print

10 x 20 inches

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Not Free to Desist

2020 Screen Print and Mono-print

10 x 20 inches

Available George Krevsky Fine Art

Facing Immigrants / Facing Ourselves

2019 Serigraph
15 x 20 inches

Available through George Krevsky Fine Art 

Free The Children

2020 Mix Media Mono-print

11 x 15 inches  

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Justice Justice 


Headline Text: Justice, justice you shall do

Torah: Deuteronomy 16:20

Footnote Text: Let justice flow like a mighty stream

Prophets: Amos 5:24


Hazak u'Baruch

14 1/2 x 21 1/2

Screen Print

Headline Text:

Be Strong and Be Blessed

Footnote Text:

Just to Be is a Blessing

Just to Live is Holy

Abraham Joshua Heschel 

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As the garden,

So the gardener.

Genesis, Midrash Raba

14X20 Screen Print on Lokota handmade paper.

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Rashi Alef Bet

2020 Screen Print

20 x 25 inches

Available via wolfprusan@gmail,com

Big Blue Shindig

2020 Screen Print

20 x 25 inches

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