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I am happy to sell prints directly.   There is not an order form, just write to me at

The Shiviti Meditations series, signed and numbered prints, are 10 X 12 inches.  The prints are in small editions of 12. They are all available for $360, and 10 percent of each sale to Tzedakah, such as HIAS, Climate Tzedek, and the JFCS East Bay Afghan Resettlement Program.

Suites 1 – 4 signed and numbered prints are (generally) 15 X 20 inches, and are available for $150.

Signed and numbered prints in the Suite 1980 – 1985 are available for $100.  There are only a few of these prints left and I want them out of the box and onto a wall.

Some prints are only offered through the gallerist George Krevsky.   I am grateful for George's support and encouragement.

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