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How Can This Be? 2023.  Screen print, 13X18 inches.


Alef Bet Wisdom 2023.  Screen print, 13X18 inches.

The  Sages said  to Rabbi  Yehoshua  ben  Levi: Young students came to the study hall and said things not said even in the, days of Joshua bin Nun 


alef beit – elaf bina – learn wisdom

gimmel dalet – gemol dalim – give to the poor


Why is the leg of the gimmel extended toward dalet?

It is the way of one who bestows loving-kindness to pursue the poor

Why is the leg of the dalet extended toward gimmel?

One will make themselves available to another

Why does the dalet face away from the gimmel?

One should give discreetly so that the other will not be embarrassed

Heal Her  2023.  Screen print, 13X18 inches.


Jewish LearningWorks 125th Anniversary Poster 2023.  Archival Digital Print, 12X18 inches.

Truth Rises From The Earth_edited.jpg

Truth Rises 2, 2021, Screen print., 15x20 inches.

Psalm 85:11

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Facing Immigrants / Facing Ourselves,

2019.  Screen print, 15 x 20 inches

Judah HaLevi, 2021, 15x20 Screen Print, Screen print.

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Hide the Outcast, 2021.   Screen print. 15x20 inches.

Louis De Groot (1929-2020) was a hidden Jewish child in the Netherlands. When he entered the home of Dirk and Ann Onderweegs he saw these words in needle point from Isaiah 16:3, "Hide the outcasts, do not betray the fugitive."15x20

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