The Bay Area Community Talmud Circles

“In traditional Jewish society, the purpose of study (lernen) was not information, nor even knowledge, but a lifelong exposure to the sacred texts and an ongoing dialogue with them. Lernen was seen both as an intellectual endeavor and as an act of devotion; its process was its purpose.” (Haym Soloveitchik)

1) We are learning Tractate Megilla, Perek 2, page 301 (new students should purchase the Koren Talmud Bavli Noé, Vol.12: Ta’anit/Megilla, Hebrew/English, print (several versions) or the PDF (less than $10)).


2) We will remain on Zoom through the foreseeable future.


3) The schedule is set and follows below.  Deena will be on Sabbatical through December 2021.  Dorothy will fill in for her.


4) Resources and schedules will be kept on this website for the time being 


5) With great thanks to the OFJCC, and to Tova Birnbaum in particular, we are able to provide you all with a registration page for the Talmud Circle year already in progress.


You will see three tiers of registration: 


Tier 1 - $350.00

Tier 2 - $280.00

Tier 3 - $210.00


Find your Talmud Circle and choose one tier that works for you.  If you need a tier not offered, no problem, reach out to me (wolfprusan@gmail.comor Abra (


Here is the schedule:


San Francisco and Santa Rosa Talmud Circles, Sundays, 10:00am to Noon, with Rabbi Peretz Wolf Prusan

On Zoom: Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 12

TBD Jan 23 Feb 20 Mar 20 April 3, May 22


Palo Alto and Los Gatos Talmud Circles, Sundays, 10:00 to Noon, with Rabbi Peretz Wolf Prusan

On Zoom: Oct 3, Oct 24, Nov 14 Dec 19

TBD Jan 30 Feb 27, Mar 27 April 10 May 22


Lunchtime Talmud, Wednesdays, Noon-1:00 pm, with Peretz Wolf Prusan

On Zoom Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 15

TBD Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 6, Apr 20, May 4, May 22


Berkeley Talmud Circle, Sundays, 10:00 am to Noon, with Rabbi Dorothy Richman

On Zoom Sept 26, Oct 17, Nov 7, Dec 12

TBD Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar 6, April 10, May 22


Marin Talmud Circle, Sundays, 10:00am to Noon, with Prof. Deena Aranoff

On Zoom with Rabbi Dorothy Richman Sept 19, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 5

TBD with Prof. Aranoff January 23; February 13; March 13; April 24; May 22


At the conclusion of the 2021 Siyyum, Dorothy took from the comments and composed this poem:


Looking forward

rain of compassion

the Talmud meets

the joy of the group which

with full understanding

requiring at least four people


meets each of us where we are.